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Communism: some thoughts on the concept and practice

Toni Negri

Toni Negri's presentation at the Communism Conference in London, on March 14th 2009, translated by Arianna Bove. devam…

The Common in Communism

Michael Hardt

Michael Hardt's presentation at Alternative Social Imaginaries Symposium at Duke University on April 9th 2009. devam…

The Circulation of the Common

Nick Dyer-Witheford

By moving from a cellular model of commons and association that is simple, even rudimentary, this paper has aimed to suggest a process that is scalable, thinkable at levels from the domestic to municipal to the planetary, and terms of the interconnections between these levels. And by speaking of a communism composed by a circulation of distinctive modalities — terrestrial, planner, networked — that nonetheless can be linked and reinforce on another it has tried to wake from the hallucination — dream-world or nightmare — of a uniform utopia, of which Soviet style socialism was the only the most notorious, in favor of a heterogeneous communism built from multiple forms of common logic, a communism of singularities. Under such conditions it may be possible once again to say: "Omnia sunt communia." devam…

Commonwealth: An Exchange

Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri, David Harvey

David Harvey's criticism on Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt's Commonwealth, and their response to Harvey. Published in Artforum, November 2009, Vol. 48, Iss. 3. devam…

Alma Venus: Prolegomena to the Common

Antonio Negri

1. The guiding light of materialism is the eternity of matter. The eternal is the common name of the materialist experience of time. From an ethical standpoint, the problem faced by materialism is to hold singularity responsible for the eternal. These truths stemming from the materialist tradition are confirmed in the experience of kairos. 2. Among the other meanings that could be attributed to the eternal, in the materialist tradition, we sometimes find the name of the infinite, as if the two were synonymous. Is matter therefore infinite? devam…

A Common Word: in response to Michael Hardt and Gigi Roggero

Aras Ozgun

Aras Ozgun's response to Michael Hardt and Gigi Rogero's presentations at Alternative Social Imaginaries Symposium at Duke University on April 9th 2009. devam…

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