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who are we?

körotonomedya was established in 1993 as a gathering of some intellectuals in ankara, turkey, who share similar political and artistic tendencies. when we discovered we could do it, we built a web site of our collective productions in 1994, served from a desktop computer at middle east technical university, ankara, clandestinely. since then, we produced a lot of articles and works on various subjects that we are concerned with; varying from zapatista uprising to experimental video theory. we studied on the autonomist marxist theory in the context of turkish politics and everyday life, and we examined post-structuralist social theory in this respect. we translated and published some texts we found important, and we made international collaborations with similar groups or persons. at some point, we looked back and saw that our half-serious collaborative web site was holding some serious accumulation of articles and works.

a few years ago some of us moved to other countries and cities. although we continued to work together, we faced irregularities updating our web site. at last, in the summer of 2001, we got our own domain name http://korotonomedya.net and web server, and redesigned our site. since last year, we are also communicating among ourselves via a mailing list which you can also subscribe if you wish to -- you will see that the discussions we made in this mailing list are in turkish, but probably any request in english or french in this mailing list will receive response. so far, that's all...

all the material presented in this web site may freely be saved, printed and redistributed individually, they are open to any kind public use for strictly non-commercial purposes. if you wish to redistribute these material in other public spaces or other media, please contact us -- not only for being civilized, but we will also appreciate it and try to help you as much as we can. please contact us by mailing to info@korotonomedya.net or joining our mailing list.

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