The Ulus Baker Conference is organized in the memory of the Turkish-Cypriot media philosopher and sociologist Ulus Baker, who we lost in 2007. It aims to bring together media, cultural studies, political science and philosophy scholars, and artists and public intellectuals working around the themes and issues which shaped Baker’s intellectual vision. Among these themes and issues are included: general intellect and creative/immaterial labor processes in relation to post-Fordism, digital communication technologies in relation to biopolitics and neoliberal governmentality, public sphere and public opinion in the age of electronic media, pedagogical forms and aesthetics of visual communications, poststructuralist criticism and social theory following Foucault, Deleuze and Guattari, Tarde, Negri, and Spinoza.

The conference is organized through a collective initiative of some of the most prominent scholarly journals and independent research foundations of Turkey, including Birikim, Doxa, Toplum ve Bilim, and Virgul journals, Iletisim and Norgunk publishers, Korotonomedya and Kozavisual media arts collectives. We believe that this conference will not only serve to develop scholarly knowledge on what we consider to be important issues in our contemporary social life, but also build a platform for future international intellectual exchange.