Texts and video recordings of some presentations are avaliable online. Please click on the presentation title for the available videos and texts, and the speakers name for the presentation abstract.

Friday, July 11th
16:30 Anette Baldauf Workshop
18:00 Conference Opening Unal Nalbantoğlu (text)
18:30 Ulus Baker On Cyprus (Video Interview)
19:00 Can Sarvan Island Where the History is Accelerated (Documentary Film)
Saturday, July 12th
11:30 Anette Baldauf Shopping Towns, Megamalls and the Future of the City (video)
13:30 Aras Özgün Post-Fordism, Neo-Liberalism and Cultural Economy
15:00 Yahya Madra/Fikret Adaman Forms of Neoliberalism: The Political Logics of the Neoclassical Tradition (video)
16:30 Arianna Bove Intellectual Property as the Privatisation of the General Intellect
18:00 Paolo Carpignano Mediating Skills (video)
Sunday, July 13th
10:00 Can Gündüz/Bilge Demirtaş Enduring Andrei Rublev
11:30 Mehmet Ratip The Constitution of the Political Space: From Baker to Schmitt and Agamben (video)
13:30 Tansu Açık Few Remarks upon The Emergence of Political Space in Ancient Greek (video)
15:00 Alber Nahum Evil is Nothing: The Problem of Good and Evil in Spinoza (video)
16:30 Levent Kavas The [in-]between, the co[], the shar[], the with[out], and the no[t/n-]
18:00 Karolin Meunier/Tanja Widmann The Gradual Distraction of Thoughts: A Monologue Dialogue
Monday, July 14th
10:00 Anette Baldauf Workshop  
17:00 Ulus Baker What is Opinion? (Video Lecture/Interview)
18:00 Toplum ve Bilim Journal Panel Society of Opinions and the Political Utterance In the Age of Media (video)