posted by saint ymM on 12-01 -2010

This is the 50th anniversary of Eisenhower’s well-known farewell speech where he first coined the concept. Here is a selection of mostly adrenalin-rush pop music getting away with a good deal of ambiguous agit-prop. Best if listened LOUD!

download the Enhanced Podcast file (67:33 mins., 99 MB)

Avital Ronell - The Death Drive

posted by karakafa on 03-03 -2009

This is the unauthorized version (or, let’s say “the editors cut”) of the Grenz-Film interview made with Avital Ronell on Freud’s notion of “death drive”. Patrick Pulsinger’s music (used in the background), and a few minor editing details were changed in the final version of the interview which was published as a part of “Philosophy on Stage” DVD.

download the MPEG-4 Video file (7:47 mins., 36 MB)

Philosophy On Stage

Ulus Baker - Kibris Uzerine

posted by karakafa on 08-19 -2007

Ulus Baker’le Kibris’in siyasi tarihi uzerine 19 Agustos 2003 tarihinde Aras Ozgun tarafindan yapilmis bir video soylesisi.

download the QuickTime file (32:19 mins., 126 MB)


posted by karakafa on 05-20 -2007

1992’de ODTÜ’deki bir belgesel atölye çalışmasında üretilmiş, 12 Eylül süresince hapis yatıp sonradan üniversiteye geri dönen öğrencilerle yapılmış kısa bir belgesel.

download the QuickTime file (21:36 mins., 84 MB)