Too Much Bull

posted by untel on 11-27 -2010

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lay of the land

posted by untel on 10-24 -2010

(Some sort of) track list:
Impressions of London (excerpt)/Stanley Roper-Radio Prague/This Heat-L’Europe/Noir Desir-Luca, Casa Londra/Ennio Morricone-Soho St. Ives Tangier/Focus Group-Williamsburg Bridge/Fred Frith-The Every Days Way Down to the Suburbs/Staff Carpenborg And The Electric Corona-Urban Gamelan, Pt.1/23 Skidoo-The Buddha In New York/Aki Onda-Befindlichkeit Des Landes/Einsturzende Neubauten-30 Seconds Over Tokyo/Pere Ubu-Harlem/Suicide-Meet You in the Subway/Chrome-Berlin Zug Und Der Dusseldorf Hop/Kevin Laffey-Haliç’te Güneşin Batışı/Moğollar

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posted by karakafa on 05-04 -2010

lots of soap kills, a bit of sublime frequencies, a few other things—the cab driver, the traffic, satellite dishes. perhaps, perhaps, perhaps… some of hers mixed with some of his. “frens? amerikaine?”... no, “egypt cairo, egypt cairo!..”

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tyvek flap

posted by untel on 10-03 -2009

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posted by werking st:udio on 06-15 -2009

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