pop yıldızlardan arabesk (pop star arabesque)

posted by backtoreal on 03-23 -2010

Opening with a Fairuz song, crowned with Orhan Gencebay and Selami Şahin songs this 14 piece compilation will make you think that some pop stars (eg Nilüfer) should have gone totally arabesque and some (eg Nazan Öncel) shouldn’t have even bothered to try. Here is the track list:

Bize Nazar Değdi – Kamuran Akkor
Sevgilim Der misin? – Semiramis Pekkan
Deli Gibi Sevdim – Tanju Okan
Ağlıyorsam Sen Aldırma – Işıl German
Senin Olmaya Geldim – Nil Burak
Zalimin Zulmü – Nazan Öncel
Sen Mutlu Ol – Ajda Pekkan
Kimbilir – Yeliz
Günün Birinde – Ayşe Mine
Sabuha – Semiha Yankı
Beddua – Neşe Karaböcek
Aşk Kitabı – Nilüfer
Son Mektup – Zerrin Özer
Tanrı İstemezse – Sezen Aksu

download the Enhanced Podcast file (59:24 mins., 57 MB)

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  1. untel says:

    i agree 100%, nilufer should have gone totally arabesque!

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