posted by saint ymM on 12-01 -2010

This is the 50th anniversary of Eisenhower’s well-known farewell speech where he first coined the concept. Here is a selection of mostly adrenalin-rush pop music getting away with a good deal of ambiguous agit-prop. Best if listened LOUD!

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motorik dissonances 6

posted by saint ymM on 09-18 -2010

Returning for the sixth time Motorik Dissonances takes a question that was always already inscribed in its name: drive. The signifier drive stands in both for the name a certain kind of psychoanalysis has given to the enjoyment derived not from the attainment of the particular objects of desire but from the infinite movement of desire itself (pulsion) and for the motorik (but not necessarily monotonic) drive of machines in assemblage, automobiles on thruways, bicycles in velodromes, trains on railways, buildings in perspective, and rhythms in beats.

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posted by saint ymM on 09-14 -2010

Originally produced and circulated in CD-format in 2007, we are proud to re-issue POST KRAUT in enhanced podcast format exclusively for the Voice of Antartika.

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motorik resonances 5

posted by saint ymM on 05-27 -2010

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posted by saint ymM on 04-15 -2010

To reach more music (tracks as well as whole albums) by these and other artists from their scene, please begin with the links listed below.

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göçebe satyagraha
Simurg Matah
GHS Crew
Sena (RIP)

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