Avital Ronell - The Death Drive

posted by karakafa on 03-03 -2009

This is the unauthorized version (or, let’s say “the editors cut”) of the Grenz-Film interview made with Avital Ronell on Freud’s notion of “death drive”. Patrick Pulsinger’s music (used in the background), and a few minor editing details were changed in the final version of the interview which was published as a part of “Philosophy on Stage” DVD.

download the MPEG-4 Video file (7:47 mins., 36 MB)

Philosophy On Stage

Death to/and Photography

posted by jaluki on 12-05 -2008

Concept, Text and Voice-over: Angela Harutyunyan
Editing and Production: Aras Ozgun
Images provided by Tevž Logar
Music: Mirumir: “Beskonechnost’” and Brian Eno: “”The Lost Day”

correction – The work “This is Not My World” is dated to 1976, as opposed to 1978.

download the QuickTime file (13:19 mins., 64 MB)

Osseus Labyrint - Frying Pan Performance

posted by karakafa on 03-18 -2008

Osseus Labyrint is a dance/performance collective from San Francisco. This is the video recording of performance made by Osseus Labyrint at New York Downtown Arts Festival in 2000 at Frying Pan, ve Aras Özgün’ün interview with the members of collective, Hannah ve Mark at Tompkins Square Park following their performance.

Following the link below, you can find Meiling Chen’s article, “Cyborgs in Mutation: osseus labyrint’s Alien Body Art”, published in The Drama Review.

download the MPEG-4 Video file (29:33 mins., 142 MB)

Meiling Chen, "Cyborgs in Mutation: osseus labyrint's Alien Body Art", The Drama Review 45, 2, Summer 2001

Ulus Baker - Kibris Uzerine

posted by karakafa on 08-19 -2007

Ulus Baker’le Kibris’in siyasi tarihi uzerine 19 Agustos 2003 tarihinde Aras Ozgun tarafindan yapilmis bir video soylesisi.

download the QuickTime file (32:19 mins., 126 MB)

Ulus Baker Semineri

posted by on 06-12 -2007

27 Nisan 2007 tarihinde NIHAnkara’da (Hollanda Yüksek Öğretim Enstitüsü) Ulus Baker’in ‘Visual Thinking’ başlığı ile verdiği seminerin tamamı.

download the QuickTime file (120:19 mins., 509 MB)